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Неделя Физтеха // За науку.— 1998.— № 10.

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Position in Structural Bioinformatics at the University of Leuven, Belgium
опубликовано: 29.04.2011

We have an opening for a computational scientist interested in protein structure. The successful candidate should have a degree (or be about to obtain such a degree) in computational mathematics, bioinformatics or a related field. We will consider candidates with either a Master or a PhD degree. In the first case the successful candidate will have an opportunity to enter a PhD study. The initial appointment will be one year, with a possibility of extension.

Desired profile:
- Interest for scientific research;
- Knowlegde of computational methods and scientific programming, including the ability to set up graphical user interfaces and web servers;
- Previous experience with analysis and/or modelling of biomolecules is an asset.

The successful candidate will become part of a research collaboration aimed at a better understanding of protein structure, with a special focus on coiled coils. He/she is expected to both use the existing software and create new software tools.

Please address further questions and submit your CV via e-mail, preferrably before May 9, 2011. In particular, you should include a list of persons who could give you a recommendation, and a list of publications.

Сергей Стрелков
University of Leuven
Лёвен, Бельгия
E-mail: sergei.strelkov (at) pharm.kuleuven.be
Веб-адрес: http://pharm.kuleuven.be/anafar